Docs, Code, Anything!

Generate documentation, code, and more out of your AsyncAPI files with the Generator.

Installation & Usage

Start using Generator really quickly. Select one of the multiple templates we offer and start generating documentation and code in a few seconds.

Select a Generator template:
npm install -g @asyncapi/generator
ag @asyncapi/html-template -o example

Ready to use

The Generator is our solution to automatically generate documentation and code from your AsyncAPI files. It comes packed with lots of cool features you can't miss. Have a look!

  • HTML & Markdown

    Generate beautiful HTML documentation that's easy to share with your team and customers. Markdown docs that will seat along with your code? Perfect!

  • Node.js, Java, Python, and more...

    Generate code out of your AsyncAPI files in your favourite programming language. Speed up the time-to-first-prototype. Keep using it even after you wrote your custom business logic.

  • Highly extensible

    Don't see your programming language of choice? Want to generate docs that meet your brand look and feel? Create your custom templates or extend existing ones.

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